Time: 1979 Place: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

  • A small, round object caught my eye. Now, 30 years later, I have a houseful of hedgehogs.

About the Weblog

  • This weblog is mainly for hedgehog lovers and mostly for fun. At first, I collected hedgehogs because I thought they were cute. When I began to learn more about the little creatures, I found they are becoming endangered in the wild due to habitat destruction and accidental death by cars and farm machinery. My wish is to bring some happiness and amusement to others who also love hedgehogs. In addition, I hope that more people will learn about the plight of these harmless little animals, and do what they can to protect them.

  • Visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to learn more about wild hedgehogs.

  • If you are interested in a site discussing both wild and domesticated hedgehogs, visit The International Hedgehog Association.




I was wondering if you ever heard of Little Grey Rabbit and the Wandering Hedgehog? It was a great children's book. Little Grey Rabbit is a series of books. I did manage to find it again on Amazon.com

Suzanne Wooldridge

Thank you for letting me know about the Little Grey Rabbit and the Wandering Hedgehog. I had not heard of it, and I love the challenge of finding something "hedgehog." I'll be looking.

Thanks again,



I have a collection of about 400 hedgehogs that I collected in Europe from 1970 to 1990. Now I need to move into a smaller space and am clearing out almost everything, including my hedgehog collection. I'm glad you have this website, which is a nice place to come and connect with these wonderful little creatures again.


I have one of these 'hobo's that my parents got in Germany in the 50's! Never knew what it was about so thank you so much!!

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bot my first mecki and micki when i served in US army in heidelberg in 1954...should have bot a thousand pair.....i also bot the pair in 1999 at kadawe in berlin...the best part of it is that they are the grosse size at twenty inches tall

Sybille Cowan

Where are the little 3 or 4" hedgehog dolls that were collectibles in Germany and Austria? They looked as if they were made of rubber with little fuzzy "bristles" on their heads and had assorted costumes on, representing different professions or hobbies. I had a chimney sweep and a bride and groom, as well as a farmer. My brother had a fisherman, and a hunter. I have not had any luck finding them again.

Mrs V Osborne


We have two Steif origina Mecki Dolls
Mother and Father. Brought in Austria some twenty years ago.


Hey, does anyone know where to get anything Mecki related? Possibly in Berlin or Frankfurt?

Suzanne Wooldridge

Hi, Karli,

There should be Mecki things in certain types of gift shops almost anywhere in Germany. He is popular like Mickey Mouse in the U.S. You should also be able to order a lot of things on eBay. My favorite Mecki find is the DVD of the old movies. Good luck with your search!


Carol Hayes

I've had a black and white photograph of 3 hedgehogs - Mecki, Macki, Mucki with the words Hor Zu on it. for over 50 years I've wondered what it was. Now I know. Thank you very much. (Carol from Scotland)

Thompson from Pembrokeshire

I have a Mecki money box and have never seen a Mecki money box before this weekend. If any collectors are interested I have it for sale on Ebay £3.99 starting price


My mother-in-law is German where can I get 1 of these books?


I have what appears to be the Mecki Hedgehog small figurines. They come with tiny cigarettes that you can light and it puffs. Does anyone have any information on these? My Oma brought me back both of them from Holland about 45 years ago.


I have a small Mecki hedgehog with a steiff tag with the numbers 7627/12 on it I had it from Germany in the mid 50's he has shorts shirt and waistcoat on, he has been kept in a box and is as new can anyone give me any information on him.

Suzanne Wooldridge

Hi, Barb,

I have never seen these figurines, and they sound quite unique. I had some Scottie dog figurines when I was a little girl in the late 1950’s that did the same thing. I hope you will find someone who knows more about them.

Good luck,

Suzanne Wooldridge

Hi, Sandra,

While I am not an expert on the prices of vintage Mecki figures, I have seen many online. I would expect that since it is in new condition, it would be worth quite a bit compared to the worn and played-with ones that are usually for sale. You might contact the Steiff Company for more information. Looking on EBay might also shed some light on the subject.

Thanks for looking at my houseful of hedgehogs!

jeff markin

Doing some clearing out.. Just found my Mecki Hedgehog (tag 8728,70) from a trip I took with family in 1959 to Germany.



My sisters and my cousins all owned one of these delightful little hedgehogs when we were small in the 60's. I would love to own one again didn.t realise they were made by Steiff. (dont suppose I could afford one now ):-(

Suzanne Wooldridge

Hi, Jeff,

It's surprising to me how many people look at the Mecki portion of my collection. He must still be very popular! Thanks for visiting my blog,

Tom Okeefe

I have a minki doll from Germany with the sale price ticket still on it. I would like to know it's value and maybe sell it.


I named my dog Mecky like the hedgehog.

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